For those who are tired of the scandals in figure skating and athletes training on the air, there is a person in this sport, which is responsible for the sense of humor, self-irony and discharge. Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin posted a new video in his Instagram.

 Self-irony of figure skating in safety: guard Alexei Yagudin

 News about figure skating in the last two months are divided into several categories:

 associated with the cancellation of various events and shows;

 scandals, intrigues, investigations;

 leisure athletes quarantined.

 Last too, in turn, can be divided into direct skaters esters, record workouts, nostalgic dive into the past, when there was no quarantine, and humor. So, for example, Alina Zagitova conducted training on the air with the choreographer Daniel Gleyhengauzom Tutberidze group, as can be read in our special material.

 But as far as humor, the undisputed leader in this area will be Alexei Yagudin with his family. In this he jump on and dancing Sophia Samodurov, and Evgeni Plushenko with his family. Video 40-year-old Olympic champion is full of good, sometimes sharp and sometimes just Samoironichnye humor. Since the beginning of self-isolation with his wife and children urged all to adhere to this mode and broadcast the way they live, with a comedic twist.

 The latter is currently a joke on the page dedicated to Alexei plans for the speedy completion of quarantine and travel at sea. In the video, Yagudin is holding a sign that says „sea holiday plan in June,“ but his „visionary plans“ as a result of serious obsmeyat. This skater once again underlines the importance to preserve quarantine regime to limit the spread of the pandemic, which are sick, according to the latest information, more than 263 million people across the country.

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 ???? ♂️ ???? ♂️ ???? ♂️ # # holiday coronavirus

 Publication of Alexei Yagudin (@ alexei.yagudin)

 May 15, 2020 at 3:04 PDT

 The theme of relaxation and collapse of all plans due to coronavirus infection has devoted to video in „Instagrame“ Yagudin. The last time from the dream of the ocean, he was brutally awakened by his wife Tatiana Totmianina. We wrote about this in a separate article.

 Earlier we talked about the fact that Alexander Trusov first commented on his departure from the group Tutberidze.

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